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concourse-rsync-resource resource for persisting build artifacts on a shared storage location with rsync and ssh.


  • server|servers: Required Server or list of servers on which to persist artifacts. If servers are used first one in the list will be used for in and check origins.
  • port: Optional Server SSH port, default is port 22
  • base_dir: Required Base directory in which to place the artifacts
  • user: Required User credential for login using ssh
  • private_key: Required Key for the specified user
  • disable_version_path: default is false. Then false out will put content in a directory named by the version name. This directory is omitted when this option is enabled. Note that check and in origins will treat all the files in the base_dir as versions in this case.

All config required for each of the in, out and check behaviors.


- name: rsync-resource
  type: docker-image
      repository: mrsixw/concourse-rsync-resource
      tag: latest

- name: sync-resource
  type: rsync-resource
    server: server
    base_dir: /sync_directory
    user : user
    private_key: |

- name: sync-resource-multiple
  type: rsync-resource
      - server1
      - server2
    base_dir: /sync_directory
    user : user
    disable_version_path: false
    private_key: |

-name: my_great_job
    put: sync-resource
      params: {"sync_dir" : "my_output_dir" }
    put: sync-resource
      params: {
          "sync_dir" : "my_output_dir",
          "rsync_opts": ["-Pav", "--del", "--chmod=Du=rwx,Dgo=rx,Fu=rw,Fog=r"]


check : Check for new versions of artifacts

The base_dir is searched for any new artifacts being stored

in : retrieve a given artifacts from server

Given a version check for its existence and rsync back the artifacts for the version.

out : place a new artifact on server

Generate a new version number an associated directory in base_dir on server using the specified user credential. Rsync across artifacts from the input directory to the server storage location and output the version


  • sync_dir: Optional. Directory to be sync'd. If specified limit the directory to be sync'd to sync_dir. If not specified everything in the put will be sent (which could include container resources, whole build trees etc.)
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