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Gamepad Navigator

[Greasemonky script]

v0.1 | by Mr Speaker | | @mrspeaker

Navigate the web with a gamepad! Of course!

*Up/down* to scroll the page
*left/right* to move between links.
*Fire* to visit!
*"Select"* for back, and *"Start"* for forward.

This greasemonkey script currently works only in Firefox with the gamepad API (Chrome version coming soon - it looks like you need to poll the controller instead of responding to events, so I have to write a lil handler for that). The buttons are set up for the NES-style Retrolink controller - so modify the button and axis IDs to match your device.

defaults IDs are:

var axisX = 4,
    axisY = 5,
    buttonGo = [1, 2],
    buttonBack = [8],
    buttonForward = [9],

Buttons are all an array - so you can specify multiple buttons to do the same thing. The top-most link in the screen will be highlighted by default as you scroll around.