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Ext JS Employee Directory Example Application - including dynamic package loading and routing
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Ext JS Employee Directory (Coworkee)

Ext JS Sample Application - including dynamic package loading and routing

Presentation: Dynamic package loading and routing with Ext JS


Getting started


  • Install Node.js (^6.9.2)
  • Install Sencha Cmd (^6.5.1)
  • Download Sencha Ext JS (^6.5.1). We recommend extracting Ext JS into a "sencha-sdks" folder in your home directory.

On Windows the "~" part of the path will be replaced by something like "C:\Users\Me".

Install the server

Install the server node.js dependencies:

$ cd server
$ npm install

Build the client

Install the Ext JS framework for the application:

$ cd client
$ sencha app install ~/sencha-sdks
$ sencha app upgrade ~/sencha-sdks/ext-<version of the sdk>

Note: If you use sencha app install ~/sencha-sdks here, the version of the SDK inside ~/sencha-sdks will have to mach the version specified in workspace.json.

Development build:

$ sencha app build --development

Production build:

$ sencha app build --production

Run the app

$ cd server
$ npm start

Note: by default, npm start will use the development build. To run the production build, use the following command instead:

$ npm start -- --client-environment=production

Open your browser on http://localhost:3000

Network access

By default, the server is setup to expose the Ext.Direct API through localhost. This address can be changed via the direct.server option (e.g., in which case the client must be launched using the same address (e.g. If the client needs to be accessed with a different address, you first need to enable CORS using cors.enabled: true.

Cordova / PhoneGap

If the app is ran inside Cordova (or PhoneGap), it's required to change the following configs:

Dynamic Package Loading

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