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DoxygenToolkit for VIM

This plugin was originally created by Mathias Lorente and is available here. I put it on here to be easily usable as a git submodule for my vim configuration.


Some configuration options can be set in your ~/.vimrc.

let g:DoxygenToolkit_briefTag_pre="@Synopsis  "
let g:DoxygenToolkit_paramTag_pre="@Param "
let g:DoxygenToolkit_returnTag="@Returns   "
let g:DoxygenToolkit_blockHeader="-------------------------------"
let g:DoxygenToolkit_blockFooter="---------------------------------"
let g:DoxygenToolkit_authorName="Mathias Lorente"
let g:DoxygenToolkit_licenseTag="My own license" <-- !!! Does not end with "\<enter>"


Mathias Lorente for this script.