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experimental linter/analyzer for Makefiles
Go Makefile
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Build Status Coverage Status Code Climate Packagecloud MIT license


checkmake is an experimental tool for linting and checking Makefiles. It may not do what you want it to.


% checkmake Makefile

% checkmake --help

checkmake [--debug|--config=<configPath>] <makefile>
checkmake -h | --help
checkmake --version

-h --help               Show this screen.
--version               Show version.
--debug                 Enable debug mode
--config=<configPath>   Configuration file to read
--list-rules            List registered rules

% checkmake fixtures/missing_phony.make

      RULE                 DESCRIPTION             LINE NUMBER

  minphony        Missing required phony target    0
  minphony        Missing required phony target    0
  phonydeclared   Target "all" should be           18
                  declared PHONY.


There are packages for linux up on but you can also just clone the repo and build the binary and man page yourself.

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/


This is totally inspired by an idea by Dan Buch.

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