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collection of my dotfiles
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mutt @ 72311dd update mutt submodule
vim @ 7039125 update vim files
zsh @ 953d7d8 update zsh submodule
.gitmodules add other dotfiles as submodules
Makefile add explanation for uninstalling
ackrc search all in ack
gitconfig FreeBSD muscle memory
gitignore don't ignore docs/
slate add a shortcut to move windows to lower left part of the screen
tmux.conf set tmux window title



This is basically the collection of my dotfiles which are not already in a subdirectory like my vimfiles and muttfiles.


There is a makefile which sets up symlinks from the home directory. It prepends a dot to all files. Use it by running:

make install

There is also a command to uninstall the symlinks. Since this is potentially hazardous, rm is invoked to prompt for each file entry and only works on symlinks:

make uninstall
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