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{{mustaches}} for C++
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Basic port of mustache templating to C++.


I just wanted to port mustache and build simple templating for C++. And I am still trying hard to keep it simple.


Simple Usage

Create a template:

Hi I am {{name}}.
I like {{thing}}.

Fill the context:

#include <string>
#include <plustache/plustache_types.hpp>
#include <plustache/template.hpp>

using std::string;
using PlustacheTypes::ObjectType;
using Plustache::template_t;

ObjectType ctx;
ctx["title"] = "About";
ctx["name"] = "Daniel";
ctx["thing"] = "turtles";

Instantiate template class and render the template:

template_t t;
string template("<h1>{{title}}</h1>\nHi I am {{name}}.\nI like {{thing}}.");

string result = t.render(template, ctx);


Hi I am Daniel.
I like turtles.

Advanced Usage

Create the template:

<h1> {{title}} </h1>
    {{# friends}}
      <li> {{name}}</li>
      <li> {{job}}</li>
      <li> {{status}}</li>
    {{/ friends}}

Create the context:

// create types
context ctx;
CollectionType c;
ObjectType jim;
ObjectType john;
ObjectType jack;
// Fill values
ctx.add("title", "My friends");
jim["name"] = "Jim";
jim["job"] = "Wizard";
jim["status"] = "Eating";
john["name"] = "John";
john["job"] = "Rainbow Painter";
john["status"] = "Sleeping";
jack["name"] = "Jack";
jack["job"] = "Unicorn Trainer";
jack["status"] = "Riding";
// enter data
ctx.add("friends", c);
// also possible
ctx.add("friends", jack);

Render the template:

template_t t;
string result = t.render(template, ctx);


Clone this repository:

git clone git://

Run the install tasks:

autoreconf -i
make install

Or you can get it via homebrew:

brew install plustache

Running the unit tests

Build the google test library:

cd vendor/gtest-1.6.0

On OS X, you may get an error:

vendor/gtest-1.6.0/include/gtest/internal/gtest-port.h:499:13: fatal error:
'tr1/tuple' file not found
#   include <tr1/tuple>  // NOLINT

If so, re-run configure with the following argument


Build the test program

Run this from the top-level plustache source directory:

make test-program

If you get the tr1/tuple error, do:

make test-program

Run the test program


Supported Functionality (as described in the man page)

  • Variables
  • Sections
    • False Values/Empty Lists
    • Non-Empty-Lists
  • Inverted Sections
  • Comments
  • Partials
  • Set Delimiter
  • HTML escape syntax (triple mustaches)


  • plustache executable


  • boost for regex and some other things
  • google test for unit testing (included)
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