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mrtazz commented Oct 27, 2011

Maybe there's a use case for offline access to notes. Caching should be simple, syncing might be the harder part.


this is a great necessary feature, maybe you can search suggestions in


Why don't use a ~/.simplenote dir?

mrtazz commented Nov 29, 2011

The problem is more a general one. Caching notes means the plugin also needs more functionality to manage the cache. This is not a complicated or impossibly hard thing. However, I like that simplenote.vim is a rather thin interface layer for simplenote. I'm not set on not implementing caching, but I'm not sure that it would make the plugin actually better. But I'm open to suggestions :).

tkb commented Feb 10, 2012

Just a +1 from me here - caching notes for offline use + ability to search them would be awesome - Notational Velocity on the Mac is the gold standard for this kind of functionality - having the same function in vim across platforms would rock hard.

@mrtazz mrtazz was assigned Sep 25, 2012

Some thoughts on caching, pretty much echoing what has been said above: I've flagged it against milestone v1.1.0 (currently we are on v0.7.0) to say that I will think about it, but not right now.

mvance commented Nov 19, 2014

Searching across all notes is the main feature I came to the issue queue hoping for, but it seems that would probably require caching to happen first. So, +1 from me.


There is probably scope for using some of @insanum 's work on sncli to implement caching. Or it could be that for sncli does what you want already @mvance?

That's kind of been my worry/concern with caching all along. In a way, as soon as you've got something that handles caching and synchronising with Simplenote you just need any old text editor, is there a real need for Simplenote.vim then? I'm not sure.

On the other hand though, once the Simperium API becomes a requirement, then caching probably will be needed as it pretty much assumes applications work that way (you can't get the same information as you can with the Simplenote API).

I am still using Simplenote and Simplenote.vim day in and out so maybe I'll find time to look at this next year.

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jtoy commented Feb 19, 2017


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