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Building and Installing

Note: you cannot currently install this via snap install pihole since this repo is incomplete. If you want to play with it, you'll need to clone the repo, and then run these commands (may require root access to install some libraries):

snap install pihole_4.0_amd64.snap --dangerous --devmode

If you are developing and want to rebuild, we added a redo script that does everything for you.


Snapcraft Summit Notes

End of day one

  • pihole dnsmasq fork building
  • Patched to use var/lib/snap instead of /etc and /var/run
  • Created a patchfile rather than ninja files with sed
  • Located files in more logical directories (matching non-snap install under /var/snap/pihole/common)
├── etc
│   └── pihole
│       ├── dnsmasq.conf
│       ├── gravity.list
│       ├── pihole-FTL.conf
│       ├── pihole-FTL.db
│       └── setupVars.conf
└── var
    ├── log
    │   └── pihole-FTL.log
    └── run
        ├── pihole
        │   └── FTL.sock
        └── pihole-FTL.port

Future things

  • Test it works
  • Resolve and block
  • First run wizard
  • whiptail added to stage packages
  • install script + gravity components to munge and install block lists
  • snapctl restart itself
  • Tidy up locations of config files, block lists, lock files
  • currently in /var/snap/pihole/common
  • Refresh block lists
  • Strict confinement
  • Web admin tool
  • Patch upstream pihole-ftl to ifdef $SNAP for paths rather than patch in yaml
  • Trim down snap to save space
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