dashEE widget for developers selling add-ons on devot:ee
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devot:ee Widget for dashEE

If you use the dashEE ExpressionEngine module and sell add-ons using devot:ee then this widget is for you. This widget displays a summary of all the sales you've made through devot:ee within the last 30 days displaying the add-ons name, date of sale and price paid.


Place the wgt.devotee.php file in the widgets folder of the dashEE module in your /system/expressionengine/third_party folder.

That's it. When you click the Widgets button from the dashboard you should now see the widget listed as an option.


When updating the widget it is recommended that you first remove the widget from your dashboard, upload the updated widget file and then re-add the widget. If you don't do things in this order you may experience unexpected results. One remedy may be to remove and re-add the widget once the updated file has been uploaded.