dashEE widgets for use with the Membrr ExpressionEngine module.
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Membrr Widgets for dashEE

If you use the dashEE ExpressionEngine module and sell membership subscriptions using Membrr then these widgets are for you:

  • Monthly Report - shows number of subscriptions and expirations per month.
  • Recent Subscriptions - shows 10 most recent subscriptions.
  • Curent Month Statistics - Shows number of new subscribers, expirations, cancellations, payments and revenue for current month.


These widgets were written and tested using Membrr 1.70. If you experience any problems please ensure you are using Membrr version 1.70 or greater.

  1. Create a folder named "widgets" in /system/expressionengine/third_party/membrr.

  2. Upload selected widget files to the new widgets folder within the module directory.

That's it. When you click the Widgets button from the dashboard you should now see the widgets listed for installation.


When updating the widget it is recommended that you first remove the widget from your dashboard, upload the updated widget file and then re-add the widget. If you don't do things in this order you may experience unexpected results. One remedy may be to remove and re-add the widget once the updated file has been uploaded.