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Active colab notebook : Resources for working with CORD19 (Novel Coronovirus 2019) NLP dataset -

Getting started

Via Docker

The easiest way to run this package is with Docker.

  1. Install Docker

  2. Pull the Docker image from Docker Hub:

     docker pull rccreager/covid19-search-tool:Covid19_Search_Tool_03-25-20 
  3. Run the Docker image:

     docker run -it -p 8888:8888 rccreager/covid19-search-tool:Covid19_Search_Tool_03-25-20 
  4. (Optional) Start Jupyter from inside the docker image:

     jupyter notebook --ip --no-browser --allow-root
  5. (Optional) Open Jupyter on your local machine by copy-pasting the printed address into a web brower. It will look something like:

Building Yourself:

conda create --name cord19 python=3.6.9
source activate cord19
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Dowload the NLTK packages for text processing and search
python -m nltk.downloader punkt
python -m nltk.downloader stopwords
python -m nltk.downloader wordnet
  • Downloading the BERT model by going to Covid_Search_Tool/models
pip install bert-serving-server==1.10 --no-deps

Interactive visualization of COVID-19 related academic articles

Alt text TSNE Visualization of COVID-19 related academic articles

  • Color encodes journal
  • BERT sentance embeddings are article abstracts
  • Using standard BERT pre-trained model (no retraining yet)
  • 6200 total articles

Custom CORD19 NLP Search engine

Alt text

  • BM25 natural language search engine
  • Data Processing
    1. Remove duplicate articles
    2. Remove (or annotate) non-academic articles (TODO)
  • NLP Preprocessing
    1. Remove punctuations and special characters
    2. Convert to lowercase
    3. Tokenize into individual tokens (words mostly)
    4. Remove stopwords like (and, to))
    5. Lemmatize
  • Thanks DwightGunning for the great starting point here!

Plan of action

  • Topic modeling with LDA @Rachael Creager
  • NLU feature engineering with TF-IDF @Maryana Alegro
  • NLU feature engineering with BERT @Matt rubashkin
  • Feature engineering with metadata
  • Making an embedding search space via concatenating the TOPIC, NLU and metadata vectors @Kevin Li
  • Then Creating a cosine sim search engine that creates the same datatype as the above vector
  • Streamlit app that has search bar, and a way to visualize article information (Mike Lo)

Current work based on:


Resources for working with CORD19 NLP dataset







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