Vagrant images/configurations for both Git master and current Horde Webmail Edition via PEAR.
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Vagrant images for Horde. Requires Vagrant 1.8. These should be considered for DEVELOPMENT use only, or as a starting point for a more complete Vagrant image. Some of the images are still a work in progress, but the pear images are mostly done and fully functional.


  • change to the desired setup/* directory
  • Run "vagrant up". That's it.
    • To destroy, run "vagrant destroy"


- All images based on Ubuntu Trusty64 unless otherwise noted.

- Installs either MySQL or MariaDB,
  Dovecot or Cyrus, and Postfix (configured for local delivery only).
  Email can be sent between any local users using e.g., testuser@localhost

- PHP 5.6 is used by default unless otherwise noted.
  This can be changed to PHP - 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, or 7.0. This is selected
  by choosing the shared/ file desired in the Vagrantfile of the

- By default, Horde's web root is installed to /var/www/html/horde - this
  can be changed by editing shared/ file. For the Git images, the
  source tree is installed to /horde/src.

- The following users are created - username and passwords can be changed
  by editing the shared/ file:
   - demo/demo
   - guest/guest
   - adminuser/adminpassword

- Horde is reachable on port 8080 of the host running the virtual image.
  This can be changed by changing the network config in the Vagrantfile
  of the image. If you change this setting you may also need to change
  Horde's config/conf.php file as well to point to the correct IP and/or

- For the Git images, any change to base configurations may require
  corresponding changes to various horde config files. E.g., changing the
  administive user/password will require corresponding change in imp's
  backend file for cyrus etc...

Following are the available images. The pear images are complete and more fully tested. The php7 image and some of the cyrus images may still need some tweaks.

git-master-dev: Current Git master.

git-master-dev-32bit: Current Git master running on 32bit Ubuntu Trusty.

git-master-cyrus: Current Git master using Cyrus with kolab annotations available instead of stock dovecot.

git-master-php7: Current Git master running on PHP7.

git-master-php7-dev: Current Git master running on a compiled checkout of PHP's master branch (currently 7.1-dev).

pear-horde-5.2: Installs the current Horde Groupware Webmail Edition running on PHP 5.5.

pear-horde-cyrus-5.2: Same as pear-horde-5.2, but running Cyrus instead of instead of Dovecot and setup for Kolab.

pear-horde-mariadb-5.2: Same as pear-horde-5.2, but running MariaDB instead of mySql.

pear-horde-php54-5.2: Same as pear-horde-5.2, but running on PHP 5.4.

Note: the two oracle images require a bit of setup to use correctly, and they only include client libraries, not the server. The libraries required cannot be distributed. These images are here for my use. You are free to use them if you set them up correctly, but don't expect them to work out of the box.


Some files need to be present in /vagrant, but really should be shared. We should store them in shared, but copy them to /vagrant instead of placing them in individual /setup/* folders.