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** mruby/compile.h - mruby parser
** See Copyright Notice in mruby.h
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
#include "mruby.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <setjmp.h>
/* load context */
typedef struct mrbc_context {
mrb_sym *syms;
int slen;
char *filename;
short lineno;
int capture_errors:1;
int dump_result:1;
int no_exec:1;
} mrbc_context;
mrbc_context* mrbc_context_new(mrb_state *mrb);
void mrbc_context_free(mrb_state *mrb, mrbc_context *cxt);
const char *mrbc_filename(mrb_state *mrb, mrbc_context *c, const char *s);
/* AST node structure */
typedef struct mrb_ast_node {
struct mrb_ast_node *car, *cdr;
short lineno;
} mrb_ast_node;
/* lexer states */
enum mrb_lex_state_enum {
EXPR_BEG, /* ignore newline, +/- is a sign. */
EXPR_END, /* newline significant, +/- is an operator. */
EXPR_ENDARG, /* ditto, and unbound braces. */
EXPR_ENDFN, /* ditto, and unbound braces. */
EXPR_ARG, /* newline significant, +/- is an operator. */
EXPR_CMDARG, /* newline significant, +/- is an operator. */
EXPR_MID, /* newline significant, +/- is an operator. */
EXPR_FNAME, /* ignore newline, no reserved words. */
EXPR_DOT, /* right after `.' or `::', no reserved words. */
EXPR_CLASS, /* immediate after `class', no here document. */
EXPR_VALUE, /* alike EXPR_BEG but label is disallowed. */
/* saved error message */
struct mrb_parser_message {
int lineno;
int column;
char* message;
/* parser structure */
struct mrb_parser_state {
mrb_state *mrb;
struct mrb_pool *pool;
mrb_ast_node *cells;
const char *s, *send;
FILE *f;
char *filename;
int lineno;
int column;
enum mrb_lex_state_enum lstate;
int sterm;
unsigned int cond_stack;
unsigned int cmdarg_stack;
int paren_nest;
int lpar_beg;
int in_def, in_single, cmd_start;
mrb_ast_node *locals;
mrb_ast_node *pb;
char buf[1024];
int bidx;
mrb_ast_node *heredoc;
void *ylval;
int nerr;
int nwarn;
mrb_ast_node *tree;
int capture_errors;
struct mrb_parser_message error_buffer[10];
struct mrb_parser_message warn_buffer[10];
jmp_buf jmp;
struct mrb_parser_state* mrb_parser_new(mrb_state*);
void mrb_parser_free(struct mrb_parser_state*);
const char *mrb_parser_filename(struct mrb_parser_state*, const char*);
void mrb_parser_parse(struct mrb_parser_state*,mrbc_context*);
/* utility functions */
struct mrb_parser_state* mrb_parse_file(mrb_state*,FILE*,mrbc_context*);
struct mrb_parser_state* mrb_parse_string(mrb_state*,const char*,mrbc_context*);
struct mrb_parser_state* mrb_parse_nstring(mrb_state*,const char*,int,mrbc_context*);
int mrb_generate_code(mrb_state*, struct mrb_parser_state*);
/* program load functions */
mrb_value mrb_load_file(mrb_state*,FILE*);
mrb_value mrb_load_string(mrb_state *mrb, const char *s);
mrb_value mrb_load_nstring(mrb_state *mrb, const char *s, int len);
mrb_value mrb_load_file_cxt(mrb_state*,FILE*, mrbc_context *cxt);
mrb_value mrb_load_string_cxt(mrb_state *mrb, const char *s, mrbc_context *cxt);
mrb_value mrb_load_nstring_cxt(mrb_state *mrb, const char *s, int len, mrbc_context *cxt);
#if defined(__cplusplus)
} /* extern "C" { */
#endif /* MRUBY_COMPILE_H */
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