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!!Notice!! This is a preliminary release for internal team reviewing.
The URL and address discribed below are not available yet.
The official release will be announced later. Thanks.
* What's mRuby
mRuby is the light-weight implementation of the Ruby language complied to the ISO
standard to execute various environments. It can run in 'interpreter form' or
'compile and execute on vm form' according to its module construction.
This achievement is due to the Regional Innovation Creation R&D Programs of
the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
* Features of mRuby
| + Simple Syntax
| + *Normal* Object-Oriented features(ex. class, method calls)
| + *Advanced* Object-Oriented features(ex. Mix-in, Singleton-method)
| + Operator Overloading
| + Exception Handling
| + Iterators and Closures
| + Garbage Collection
| + Dynamic Loading of Object files(on some architecture)
| + Highly Portable (works on many Unix-like/POSIX compatible platforms
| as well as Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS etc.)
| cf.
* How to get mRuby
The mRuby distribution files can be found in the following site:
The trunk of the mRuby source tree can be checked out with the
following command:
$ git ...
There are some other branches under development. Try the following
command and see the list of branches:
$ git ...
* mRuby home-page (sorry, it's not launched yet. we're working on this)
The URL of the mRuby home-page is:
* Mailing list
There is a mailing list to talk about mRuby.
To subscribe this list....
* How to compile and install
See the file INSTALL.
* Copying
See the file COPYING.
* About Contribution
Thank you for considering of contribution for mRuby.
mRuby has chosen a MIT License as comparatively loose condition,
to expect to apply into various environment such as embedded system.
However, the license requires to display copyright notice and license
sentenses, for example manual or so. Especially for the recent bigger
system, it is comlecated or very troublesome.
So, mRuby has decided to display "mruby developers" as copyright name
to make it simple conventionally.
In the future, mRuby might ask you to distribute your new codes
(that you will commit,) under MIT License as a member of
"mruby developers" with keeping copyright of you.
(We did not intend you to transfer or waive your copyright,
Actual copyright holder name, you, will be listed in AUTHORS file.)
Please ask us if you want to distribute your code under other license
or if your code is dirived from GPL code.
* The Author
See the file AUTHORS.
Feel free to send comments and bug reports to the author. Here is the
author's latest mail address:
created at: Fri Apr 20 11:57:36 JST 2012
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