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* Prerequisites
1. Make sure you have bison ( installed in
your system.
2. Make sure you have ruby installed in your system (required to build).
* Compilation and Installation
1. Run make in the top directory.
This command will create a build directory with a directory for the host
environment and one for each crossbuild environment based on the settings
in the build_config.rb file.
Assuming a default build, each of the environment directories will have
the following important directories:
* bin - The binary executables for this environment
* lib - The libraries for this environment
You can find the header files in the include directory at the root of the
You can directly invoke 'minirake' with the following command:
$ ruby ./minirake
If an error occurs when compiling mruby, it will be helpful for others if you
send a detailed report to the developers that includes the error log, machine,
and OS type.
* Adding existing gems
Gems from the [list of mruby gems]( can be
added by adding their respective GitHub URLs to build_config.rb. For example,
to add implementations of the File and IO Ruby core classes to mruby, insert
the following in build_config.rb under the comment section `Use mrbgems`:
conf.gem :git => '', :branch => 'master'
Afterwards, re-run:
ruby ./minirake
* Porting to other platforms
That's all.
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