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** mruby/irep.h - mrb_irep structure
** See Copyright Notice in mruby.h
#ifndef MRUBY_IREP_H
#define MRUBY_IREP_H
#include "common.h"
#include <mruby/compile.h>
* Compiled mruby scripts.
enum irep_pool_type {
struct mrb_locals {
mrb_sym name;
uint16_t r;
/* Program data array struct */
typedef struct mrb_irep {
uint16_t nlocals; /* Number of local variables */
uint16_t nregs; /* Number of register variables */
uint8_t flags;
mrb_code *iseq;
mrb_value *pool;
mrb_sym *syms;
struct mrb_irep **reps;
struct mrb_locals *lv;
/* debug info */
mrb_bool own_filename;
const char *filename;
uint16_t *lines;
struct mrb_irep_debug_info* debug_info;
int ilen, plen, slen, rlen, refcnt;
} mrb_irep;
#define MRB_ISEQ_NO_FREE 1
MRB_API mrb_irep *mrb_add_irep(mrb_state *mrb);
MRB_API mrb_value mrb_load_irep(mrb_state*, const uint8_t*);
MRB_API mrb_value mrb_load_irep_cxt(mrb_state*, const uint8_t*, mrbc_context*);
void mrb_irep_free(mrb_state*, struct mrb_irep*);
void mrb_irep_incref(mrb_state*, struct mrb_irep*);
void mrb_irep_decref(mrb_state*, struct mrb_irep*);
void mrb_irep_cutref(mrb_state*, struct mrb_irep*);
void mrb_irep_remove_lv(mrb_state *mrb, mrb_irep *irep);
#endif /* MRUBY_IREP_H */