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# Limitations
# Limitations and Differences

The philosophy of mruby is to be a lightweight implementation of
the Ruby ISO standard. These two objectives are partially contradicting.
@@ -13,6 +13,15 @@ This document is collecting these limitations.
This document does not contain a complete list of limitations.
Please help to improve it by submitting your findings.

## ```1/2``` gives ```0.5```

Since mruby does not have ```Bignum```, bigger integers are represented
by ```Float``` numbers. To enhace interoperability between ```Float```
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matz Feb 11, 2016

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fixed in 37344ec. thank you.

and ```Float```, mruby provides ``Float#upto``` and other iterationg
methods for ```Float`` class. As a side effect, ```1/2``` gives ```0.5```
not ```0```.

## ```Array``` passed to ```puts```

Passing an Array to ```puts``` results in different output.

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