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Time#initialize_copy: Check if source time is initialized.
To prevent crash from nasty code like:

  class Time
    def initialize

  a =
  b =
  a.initialize_copy b
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matz committed Nov 24, 2016
1 parent cef7bd5 commit 23c73ff3998782f5e2a7f1f3755fddf8ceed0d30
Showing 1 changed file with 10 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -611,16 +611,23 @@ static mrb_value
mrb_time_initialize_copy(mrb_state *mrb, mrb_value copy)
mrb_value src;
struct mrb_time *t1, *t2;

mrb_get_args(mrb, "o", &src);
if (mrb_obj_equal(mrb, copy, src)) return copy;
if (!mrb_obj_is_instance_of(mrb, src, mrb_obj_class(mrb, copy))) {
mrb_raise(mrb, E_TYPE_ERROR, "wrong argument class");
if (!DATA_PTR(copy)) {
mrb_data_init(copy, mrb_malloc(mrb, sizeof(struct mrb_time)), &mrb_time_type);
t1 = (struct mrb_time *)DATA_PTR(copy);
t2 = (struct mrb_time *)DATA_PTR(src);
if (!t2) {
mrb_raise(mrb, E_ARGUMENT_ERROR, "uninitialized time");
*(struct mrb_time *)DATA_PTR(copy) = *(struct mrb_time *)DATA_PTR(src);
if (!t1) {
t1 = (struct mrb_time *)mrb_malloc(mrb, sizeof(struct mrb_time));
mrb_data_init(copy, t1, &mrb_time_type);
*t1 = *t2;
return copy;

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