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[doc] Add minimal build configuration

In relation to #1225.

Adds a minimal build configuration for libmruby which contains as less as possible.
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@@ -346,6 +346,25 @@ linking with *build/i386/lib/libmruby_core.a*
+## Build Configuration Examples
+### Minimal Library
+To build a minimal mruby library you need to use the Cross Compiling
+feature due to the reason that there are functions (i.e. stdio) which
+can't be disabled for the main build.
+'Minimal') do |conf|
+ toolchain :gcc
+ conf.bins = []
+ end
+This configuration defines a cross compile build called 'Minimal' which
+is using the GCC and compiles for the host machine. It also disables
+all usages of stdio and doesn't compile any binaries (i.e. mrbc).
## Test Environment
mruby's build process includes a test environment. In case you start the testing

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