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merge mirb target to all in toplevel Makefile

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1 parent 50a1d30 commit 46487a4599d9c8154891c7dc78f5e539a687f1b7 @matz matz committed May 13, 2012
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@@ -25,11 +25,6 @@ all :
@$(MAKE) -C src $(MAKE_FLAGS)
@$(MAKE) -C mrblib $(MAKE_FLAGS)
@$(MAKE) -C tools/mruby $(MAKE_FLAGS)
-.PHONY : mirb
-mirb :
- @$(MAKE) -C src $(MAKE_FLAGS)
- @$(MAKE) -C mrblib $(MAKE_FLAGS)
@$(MAKE) -C tools/mirb $(MAKE_FLAGS)
# clean up

1 comment on commit 46487a4


bovi commented on 46487a4 May 13, 2012

Oh this is cool! (-:
I just had a look at the changes to the mirb. Sorry for not following the coding guidelines!

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