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Add missing regs update
mrb_vm_define_class() may realloc() mrb->c->stack because it calls
mrb_funcall() for inherited hook. If mrb->c->stack is realloc()-ed, regs
refers orphan address.
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kou committed Mar 24, 2016
1 parent dd072b5 commit c69cba2ad97c311d1ae72c8a77cf1e57d70d694f
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
@@ -2271,6 +2271,7 @@ mrb_vm_exec(mrb_state *mrb, struct RProc *proc, mrb_code *pc)
base = mrb_obj_value(mrb->c->ci->target_class);
c = mrb_vm_define_class(mrb, base, super, id);
regs = mrb->c->stack;
regs[a] = mrb_obj_value(c);

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