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asciicompat_encoding_i looks broken? #174

mitchblank opened this Issue May 20, 2012 · 6 comments

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This function in transcode.c:

static enum st_retval
asciicompat_encoding_i(mrb_state *mrb, st_data_t key, st_data_t val, st_data_t arg)

...which is called as:

    st_foreach(table2, asciicompat_encoding_i, (st_data_t)&data);

However, st_foreach() doesn't pass an "mrb" pointer to its callback (in fact, "mrb" doesn't even get passed to st_foreach)

This might have been a mis-conversion from encoding.c (where st_foreach() is wrapped in a function called st_foreachNew() that does use mrb) I'm not sure how that function could be possibly working

mruby member
matz commented May 21, 2012

It's broken, and to be removed soon.


Is all of st.c/st.h going to be removed soon? I've been staging some changes to fix the fast-and-loose conversion of function pointers (C++ compilers reject it and it's dubiously portable besides) However if all of that stuff is about to die anyways I might as well work on something else.

Is there a list somewhere of what code is going to disappear so I know where to focus my porting efforts?

mruby member
matz commented May 21, 2012

encoding.[ch], and st.[ch] are going to be removed.

monaka commented Oct 23, 2012


encoding.c : Removed on 64fc4ac
encoding.h : Still living.
transcode.c, trancecode_data.h : Removed on 50d18a8
st.c, st.h : Still living.

monaka commented Feb 26, 2013

encoding.h: Removed on b1a5146

st.c, st.h are still living. But we can close this issue, I think.
@matz and @mitchblank, how do you think?


I guess since this bug's title is explicitly about asciicompat_encoding_i and that is fixed already it can be closed.

Hopefully Pull Request #892 will be merged soon so then none of the things mentioned on this bug will be relevant any more

I've been away from mruby for a while.. hopefully in a few months I'll have time to play with it again.

@mitchblank mitchblank closed this Feb 26, 2013
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