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Incorrect code generation when result of NODE_NEGATE is not used #3348

clayton-shopify opened this issue Dec 16, 2016 · 0 comments

Incorrect code generation when result of NODE_NEGATE is not used #3348

clayton-shopify opened this issue Dec 16, 2016 · 0 comments


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@clayton-shopify clayton-shopify commented Dec 16, 2016

The following report was submitted by


Not using the result of NODE_NEGATE leads to incorrect code generation which could possibly result in arbitrary bytecode generation. Currently it is possible to produce a crash through a SIGABRT via an assert failure.

Proof of concept


  1. Run either:

    a. mruby assert_failure.rb
    b. sandbox assert_failure.rb

  2. Both cause a crash via an assert failure.


The flaw was introduced in commit d56a19c.

The problem is that codegen is called recursively on the argument of NODE_NEGATE without checking whether it is a valid node. This is problematic because codegen assumes that its tree argument is a valid node (i.e. that the node's type is stored under the car member, further nodes or data under the cdr member and that filename_index and lineno are set properly). This creates an opportunity for the attacker to control further code generation, though it might not be possible to place a valid node type in car with the current codebase. Nevertheless, filename_index can be controlled and this is what allows the POC to make the assertion on line 135 of debug.c fail:

ruby: ext/mruby_engine/mruby/src/debug.c:135: mrb_debug_info_append_file: Assertion `irep->filename' failed.
zsh: abort      mruby-engine/bin/sandbox assert_failure.rb

Running mruby with the following input in gdb:


And breaking on parse.y:2885, we can see that filename_index is set to 13621 (which is two '5' characters interpreted as an integer):

(gdb) x/16hd yyvsp[0].nd->cdr
0x79162c:       11824   13621   13621   13621   13621   13621   13621   13621
0x79163c:       13621   13621   53      0       52      0       0       0
(gdb) p yyvsp[0].nd->cdr->filename_index 
$21 = 13621

Then, breaking codegen.c:1230, we see that tree->filename_index is indeed set to 13621:

(gdb) p tree->filename_index
$22 = 13621

This eventually leads to assert to fail.


To fix the problem, we should ensure tree->car is a valid node before calling codegen on tree in the case of NODE_NEGATE.


diff --git a/mrbgems/mruby-compiler/core/codegen.c b/mrbgems/mruby-compiler/core/codegen.c
index 90bafb3..9d47cca 100644
--- a/mrbgems/mruby-compiler/core/codegen.c
+++ b/mrbgems/mruby-compiler/core/codegen.c
@@ -2232,7 +2232,9 @@ codegen(codegen_scope *s, node *tree, int val)
    nt = (intptr_t)tree->car;
    tree = tree->cdr;
    if (!val) {
-        codegen(s, tree, NOVAL);
+        if (tree && (intptr_t)tree->car < NODE_LAST) {
+          codegen(s, tree, NOVAL);
+        }
    switch (nt) {

Denis Kasak

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