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Invalid UTF-8 Strings when compiling with MRB_UTF8_STRING compute length incorrectly #5269

lopopolo opened this issue Jan 8, 2021 · 2 comments


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lopopolo commented Jan 8, 2021

When compiling mruby with UTF-8 Strings (e.g. setting CFLAGS="-DMRB_UTF8_STRING"), mruby incorrectly computes the length of strings with invalid UTF-8 byte sequences.


$ git rev-parse HEAD
$ git show
commit 69482dbc8e590ed66f0944e9b48c4f9c2f83c873 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Merge: 6587269a f7ff4810
Author: Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto <>
Date:   Fri Jan 8 23:10:49 2021 +0900

    Merge pull request #5265 from shuujii/reapply-116e128b-because-it-is-back-at-456878ba

    Reapply 116e128b because it is back at 456878ba

Reproduction steps

rake clean

Executing in mirb:

$ ./bin/mirb
mirb - Embeddable Interactive Ruby Shell

> xs = [192, 128].pack("C*")
 => "��"
> xs.bytes
 => [192, 128]
> xs.length
 => 1

Reference MRI execution

$ irb
[2.6.6] > xs = [192, 128].pack("C*")
=> "\xC0\x80"
[2.6.6] > xs.bytes
=> [192, 128]
[2.6.6] > xs.length
=> 2

With forced UTF-8 encoding:

$ irb
[2.6.6] > xs = [192, 128].pack("C*")
=> "\xC0\x80"
[2.6.6] > xs = xs.force_encoding(Encoding::UTF_8)
=> "\xC0\x80"
[2.6.6] > xs.encoding
=> #<Encoding:UTF-8>
[2.6.6] > xs.length
=> 2
lopopolo added a commit to artichoke/artichoke that referenced this issue Jan 8, 2021
- Fix quickcheck test setup for owned and borrowed bytes tests. An
  upstream mruby bug (mruby/mruby#5269) prevents the length of invalid
  UTF-8 strings from being correctly calculated. The quickcheck harness
  generates a wider range of inputs which requires converting the tests
  to use `bytes`, `byteslice`, and `bytesize`.
- Add an additional `convert_with_trailing_nul` test to the `bytes`
  converter module.
- Fix quickcheck test setup for float tests. The quickcheck harness
  generates a wider range of inputs which revealed issues with the test
  when comparing NaN, infinities, and, some pairs which caused a
  subtraction overflow.
- Fix a test in `spinoso-securerandom` to no longer use the `chars()`
  iterator because `alphanumeric` returns a `Vec<u8>` now.

This commit also renames the cargo features in `spinoso-random` from
`rand_core` to `rand-traits` and from `rand` to `random-rand`. These
changes more closely align `spinoso-random` with its related `rand_mt`
crate. These changes remove the package name overrides for `rand` and
`rand_core` in `Cargo.toml`. Doc comments and doc tests have been
updated for these changes.
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matz commented Jan 9, 2021

The length of broken UTF-8 strings is undefined, I think. You may get whatever length.
CRuby does validate if the string is UTF-8 compliant. mruby just assumes the string is valid UTF-8.
I will investigate if we can validate without hindering the performance.

@matz matz closed this as completed in f81591c Jan 9, 2021
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matz commented Jan 9, 2021

For this particular case (the first byte is in 80..C1) is checked now.

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