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Remove unnecessary backticks.

Dr Markus Kuhn published in 1999 an article [1] explaining in details
why we shouldn't use the ASCII grave accent (0x60) as a left quotation.

Backticks have been used most notably to produce nice-looking LaTeX
documents but it doesn't seem to be an issue on modern platforms and
for the oldest ones, there are workarounds as mentioned by Dr Kuhn.

latest commit 2588507285
@franckverrot franckverrot authored
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array.h constify pointer from RARRAY_PTR to detect potential write barrier bugs.
boxing_nan.h remove SET_PROC_VALUE() macro
boxing_no.h remove SET_PROC_VALUE() macro
boxing_word.h remove SET_PROC_VALUE() macro
class.h remove mrb_define_method_vm() function
compile.h Remove unnecessary backticks.
data.h Add API `mrb_data_init` to initialize `MRB_TT_DATA` tagged instance.
debug.h add MRB_API modifiers to mruby API functions
dump.h allow endian specification of mrb files by `mrbc -e/-E`
error.h remove header prototype of mrb_exc_print; close #2607
gc.h Unify include guard styles and header comments.
hash.h Fix mismatches for MRB_API declarations.
irep.h Fix mismatches for MRB_API declarations.
khash.h khash.h: keep key/value table accessible from original hashtable duri…
numeric.h Use builtins for overflow math if possible
object.h delete obsolete macros (mrb_basic + mrb_object)
opcode.h Remove unnecessary backticks.
proc.h cast MRB_ENV_STACK_LEN to (mrb_int); ref #2600
range.h add MRB_API modifiers to mruby API functions
re.h Move src/re.h to include/mruby/re.h .
string.h Merge pull request #2570 from cubicdaiya/issues/unify_duplicated_func…
throw.h Move "src/mrb_throw.h" to "include/mruby/throw.h".
value.h Merge pull request #2754 from cremno/remove-unnecessary-inttypes.h-in…
variable.h Fix mrb_iv_check function decleration
version.h mruby-1.1.0
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