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refactor write_pool_block()

No need to write the same assertion in each case (except the default
one). Instead we can assert after the switch statement.
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@cremno cremno authored
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ext add mruby sources
array.c avoid wrong ArgumentError from mrb_get_args() when surrounding method…
backtrace.c DISABLE_STDIO does not disable backtraces.
class.c Fix crash if #inspect does not return a string value
codegen.c Fix a bug that no expression case doesn't return valid value
compar.c Add ISO Number to Comparable
crc.c use C style comments instead of C++ style comments
debug.c add MRB_API modifiers to mruby API functions
dump.c refactor write_pool_block()
enum.c Add ISO Number to Enumerable
error.c Use mrb_exc_new_str_lit().
error.h move declaration to the top of the block; ref #1727
etc.c changed to call check_cv_name_str in check_cv_name_sym and adjust indent
fmt_fp.c I have added the #ifdef __CYGWIN32__ to modify the fmt_fp.c
gc.c cast MRB_ENV_STACK_LEN to (mrb_int); ref #2600
hash.c constify pointer from RARRAY_PTR to detect potential write barrier bugs.
init.c add mrb_open_without_mrbgems API
kernel.c block_given? should work with nested block; fix #2695 close #2712
keywords Fix indentation in keywords
lex.def update lex.def
load.c allow endian specification of mrb files by `mrbc -e/-E`
mrb_throw.h add comments at end of include guard
mruby_core.rake Add generator script to dependency so that it will regenerate C codes…
node.h unify indent style
numeric.c re-implement mrb_float_to_str()
object.c Fix mrb_convert_to_integer.
opcode.h mv opcode.h -> include/mruby/opcode.h and remove duplication from mru…
parse.y mrb_parser_dump() did not work with block arguments
pool.c Fix indent
print.c mrb_p() should print mrb_obj_as_string() if #inspect does not return …
proc.c cast MRB_ENV_STACK_LEN to (mrb_int); ref #2600
range.c removed unused variable in range_beg_len
state.c Fix mismatches for MRB_API declarations.
string.c Use suitable type.
symbol.c Pacify MSVC warnings for numeric.c, proc.c, and symbol.c
value_array.h Make array.c and vm.c share value_move().
variable.c change class argument of mrb_const_defined_at from `struct RClass*` t…
version.c remove direct inclusion of mruby/version.h from version.c; #1698
vm.c execute ensure clause only when skipping call frame; fix #2726
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