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A simple responsive Flickr feed viewer using angular.js
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A simple responsive Flickr feed viewer using angular.js

The app is currently served from here


Put the content of /app at the root of your static webserver folder.

This project uses SCSS to creat style sheets. The .scss files have to be compiled to have an effect on the webapge. For instance Koala is a good background real-time compiler (set the output directory to app/css).

CSS files must not be modified manually as they will be overwritten on scss compilation.


  • View the public Flickr feed corresponding to a particular tag
  • Live tag search: Just change the tag in the title and watch the feed refreshing itself
  • Mobile design, responsive design: Layout adapted for small screen to allow a full user experience on any range of device
  • View more information about a particular post
  • Link to Flickr website for further details
  • Tag redirection: click on a tag in the post view to see the public Flickr feed associated to this tag
  • Bad link handling: tries to redirect you to the correct post on flickr when a specific post can not be found

Future development

To see the future development projects see the enhancement issues.

Browser Support

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Firefox (27+)
  • Internet Explorer (9 and 10) see #10 why version 11 is not supported. (to be fixed in the future)
  • safari (6 and 7)
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