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This is a collection of useful classes and extensions for common classes in CoreFoundation and UIKit.

What is in here

  • Various categories to make the standard CoreFoundation and UIKit classes more useful
  • A few helper classes with the same purpose


  • As of version 0.2.0, all code requires an ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) capable compiler.
  • Everything should be compatible with the iOS SDK 5 or above. Since version 0.5, OS X should be supported as well.

How to use

Just copy the files you need (and their dependencies) to your project.

You can also use objc-utils with CocoaPods.

Replacements for removed categories

Over time, some categories were removed, since their functionality is offered in separate projects:

  • Use KSCrypto instead of NSString+Hash. Note, however, that the resulting hashes are different, as NSString+Hash used Base32 encoding to convert hashes to strings.
  • Use the GZIP instead of NSData+CocoaDevUserAdditions. GZIP, using the default compression/decompression methods is fully compatible to NSData+CocoaDevUserAdditions.
  • All UIKit-related functionality was moved to uikit-utils and ios-versioncheck.


MIT. (Before version 0.5.0, a custom permissive license was used.)


Travis CI build status

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome! Contact me via e-mail or just by opening an issue on GitHub.