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Misc utilities to diff, merge sync metadata in flac files. A bit like rsync but specialized for flac files.
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flac-utils is a toolkit for managing flac-files. Primary usage is syncing
metadata between flac file sets. 

The utilitiy consist of three tools:
 * flac-sync  - Sync file tree of flacs comments for files with the same
 * flac-diff  - Compare two flac files metadata information and tell the 
 * flac-add-picture - Add cover pictures to flac files from Amazon.

See man-pages in doc directory and for details.


Easiest way to install is to use the Ubuntu/Debian packages. The
packages can be found at

Git repositories with source are published at github. Git for
flac_compare: and for
flac-utils: To install
flac_compare run:

python install

flac-utils can be executed directly from its tools directory or
installed running

make install

Ubuntu and debian packages can be found at:
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