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Profile Jumper to easy jump between profiles.


Project uses React, read on about the design decisions and how to build.

Manual Install

  1. Build with npm run build
  2. Open chrome://extensions in chrome
  3. Ensure "developer mode" is on
  4. Load unpacked extensions
  5. Choose the build dir to load from


  1. Run while editing code npm start run

Development Decisions

Here you can understand the decisions taken for each aspect.

Font Awesome

Using Font Awesome for the profile icons, need to perform explicit imports. See:

Multiple react entry paths

When you're building a chrome extension, there multiple or "custom" webpage examples of how to have "multiple entry points to create-react-app". This problem can be summarized as Essentially one does not want to "eject" then build for all configs because you then need to spend time customising, maintaining, etc. Keeping things simple (that's how I like to roll), found a good solution.

Looking to solve this issue, found a simple, elegant solution using react-router "HashRouter". See:

React dependencies

Install these additional React dependencies.

  • npm install --save react-router react-router-dom
  • npm install --save react-move

Running in LXC container

First create the container, use bash tools see:

Example of creating container

Create the container using bash tool (will create Alpine Linux container by default)

./ node-code-profile-jumper /projects/code/browser-extension/profile-jumper profile-jumper false

Running container

The container needs to be be executed as the user 1000 (contain it's a little different with Alpine)

  • lxc start node-code-profile-jumper
  • lxc exec node-code-profile-jumper --user 1000 bash


In the container, go to the project source

npm run build


Google developer docs are available here:

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