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  1. SageMaker listado de ejercicios

  2. Forked from aws/amazon-sagemaker-examples

    Example notebooks that show how to apply machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning in Amazon SageMaker

    Jupyter Notebook

  3. Forked from aws/sagemaker-python-sdk

    A library for training and deploying machine learning models on Amazon SageMaker


  4. Forked from aws/sagemaker-containers

    This support code is used for making machine learning frameworks (e.g. MXNet, TensorFlow) run on Amazon SageMaker.


  5. Forked from udacity/sagemaker-deployment

    Code and associated files for the deploying ML models within AWS SageMaker

    Jupyter Notebook

  6. Forked from aws-samples/aws-sagemaker-build

    Creates a CloudFormation template that uses AWS StepFunctions to automate the building and training of Sagemaker custom models based on S3 and GitHub events




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