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Microsoft Library Manager

Install and consume 3rd-party client-side libraries with ease.

Reasons to use LibMan

  1. For apps not currently using another package manager
  2. For projects where you think Bower and npm are overkill
  3. For developers that don't want to use Bower/Yarn or npm
  4. For developers that value simplicity in their tools
  5. For using custom or private packages/files
  6. For orchestrating file placement within your project

Reasons NOT to use LibMan

  1. Developer/team likes using tools such Bower, Yarn or npm
  2. For apps that uses WebPack or Browserify for module loading/bundling


  • Add any library from
  • Add any file from file system, network share or remote URL
  • Only add the file(s) you need
  • Can install any file into any folder in your project/solution
  • Optional manifest file (libman.json)
  • Very fast
  • Full Visual Studio for Mac integration


The Library Manager extension is available from the Visual Studio for Mac extensions gallery. To install the extension:

  • From the main menu, open the Extensions Manager dialog.
  • Select the Gallery tab.
  • Expand IDE extensions.
  • Select the Library Manager addin
  • Click the Refresh button if the addin is not visible.
  • Click Install… to install the addin.
  • Restart Visual Studio for Mac.

Using Library Manager

Please read the LibMan support in Visual Studio for Mac blog post


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