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Derive publish dates of Statements of Persons Nominated for UK elections
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Given the polling day of an election in the UK, when should the Statement of Persons Nominated (SoPN) should be published?

Turns out this is a non-trivial question, depending on:

  • type of election
  • country
  • calendars and bank holidays


This library defines a class StatementPublishDate with two functions:

  • for_id takes a string election_id in uk-election-ids format and:

    • Returns a datetime where the location of the election is unambiguous e.g. Scottish Parliamentary elections
    • Throws an exception where the location of the election is ambiguous e.g. local, parl
  • for_country takes a string country and a datetime and:

    • Returns a datetime where the country is in the united kingdom
    • Throws an exception where the country is unknown


from sopn_publish_date import StatementPublishDate
from datetime import datetime

sopn_publish_date = StatementPublishDate()

# Taking an id

# Taking a country and date
sopn_publish_date.for_country('scotland', datetime(2019, 2, 23))


python -m pytest


Election types:

  • Local
  • Parliament
  • Scottish Parliament
  • National Assembly for Wales
  • Northern Irish Assembly
  • Mayoral
  • EU parliament
  • Greater London Assembly
  • Police and Crime commissioner


  • England + Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Fixed-date bank holidays e.g. royal weddings

Useful Links (delete pre-1.0)

Relevant Legislation

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