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A Port of clojure.contrib (1.2) to the CLR

I like Clojure and want to experiment with it. Unfortunately, at least for me, the primary platform (for now) of Clojure is the JVM. My primary platform is the CLR.

Many articles and books refer to modules in clojure.contrib. These useful modules are not accessible from the CLR. If these modules are pure Clojure code, they should just work on the CLR. However, if these modules refer to Java, for example, by invoking Java String members, they will not work on the CLR.

More specifically, I wanted to use the functions available in clojure.contrib.command-line. This module defined a private function:

(defn- rmv-q
    "Remove ?"
    [^String s]
    (if (.endsWith s "?")
        (.substring s 0 (dec (count s)))

This module relies on the Java member functions endsWith and substtring. Although these members port fairly easily to the CLR, the code does not work "out-of-the-box."

At one time, I implemented data sets that contained historical time

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