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version 1.6.0

library (squareprogressbar)

  • added getter for the ImageView #34
  • added center line setting #31
  • added indeterminate setting #26
  • rewrote most of the onDraw method

example application (exampleapp)

  • replaced old image
  • added center line and indeterminate settings
  • fixed some UI problems

version 1.5.2

library (squareprogressbar)

  • fixes possible NPE #27
  • removed the launcher icon from the library and added new placeholder #29

example application (exampleapp)

  • changed the domain to
  • fixes wrong selection behaviour in the navigation drawer

version 1.5.1

library (squareprogressbar)

  • bugfix for #26

version 1.5.0

library (squareprogressbar)

  • new structure of the library (everything is still there!)
  • now works with gradle
  • new package name ch.halcyon.squareprogressbar

example application (exampleapp)

  • now works with gradle
  • new package name ch.halcyon.squareprogressbar

version 1.4.0

library (android-square-progressbar)

  • set the text color of the percent text (PercentStyle.setTextColor(Color.BLACK))
  • set a custom text instead of the percent-sign (%) (PercentStyle.setCustomText(".-"))
  • possibility to automatically remove the progressbar when the progress hits 100 (setClearOnHundred(true))
  • invert the opacity effect, so it either disappears or appears when the progress increases. To keep the old behaviour just set the second parameter to false. (setOpacity(true, boolean false)).
  • option to set the scale type on the image #14 (setImageScaleType(ScaleType.CENTER))

example application (android-square-progressbar-example)

  • new image, operahuset in oslo
  • layout fixes and enhancements
  • choose a custom color with an RGB-Chooser-Dialog
  • greyscale is now a choosable style


  • added a gradle fork to the readme file: #13
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