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This is mostly a personal project; I have an old PHPBB2 forum whose contents I want to keep, but I don't want to keep a PHP/MySQL stack around just to be able to look at it.

To this end this project connects to a MySQL database and extracts the topics/posts, then writes out static HTML (styled with bootstrap) in a directory structure reflecting the various categories/subforums/topics. It does not care about rights and is only tested with one forum (for which it was written), so it may not work for all inputs.

Most configuration is defined in a static config file; I probably wouldn't release this as a package like that, but it works for me, and this isn't really meant to be for anyone but me. (But if you find it useful, great!)

As far as I can tell the MySQL-python package is only available for Python 2, as such this probably does not work with Python 3.