A powerful set of functions for outputting common markup patterns with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress.
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ACF Output Helper Functions

A powerful set of functions for outputting common markup patterns with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress.

Formerly a gist. Intial ACF Forums discussion.


Two simple functions: get_acf_field() and the_acf_field(), the latter of which is just a simple wrapper function.

The functions let you replace this:

$my_field = get_field('my_field');
if( $my_field ) {
  echo '<span class="label">My Field:</span> <span itemprop="name">' . $my_field . '</span>';

With this:

<?php the_acf_field( 'my_field', array( 'label' => 'My Field', 'itemprop' => 'name' ); ?>


It gets annoying to repeat so much code to output a simple ACF field. You have to test if the field is there, add a label, add schema.org markup, etc. This tries to help take care of some of the most common and repetitive output patterns.


The $args parameter accepts an array or query_string-style format.

Array Format:

array( 'type' => 'text', 'label' => 'a label' );

Query String Format:

type=text&label=a label

Argument Documentation

type Valid types:

  • text (default)
  • image (field store ID)
  • email (outputs as mailto: link, uses link_label arg if provided)
  • url (won't display field if equal to 'http://')
  • link (same as URL, but output as link and with optional link_label arg)
  • date (must be stored as stored as recommended yymmdd format)
  • post_list (a delimited list of posts selected with a relationship field)
  • term (a single term from a taxonomy, assumes ID is stored)
  • term_link (link to a term archive from a taxonomy, assumed ID is stored)
  • custom (use the return_get_acf_field filter to add more types)

label Puts label before field output. Label wrapped in a <span>

link_label Anchor text for link or email field types.

image_size only used with 'type' => 'image'

image_class only used with 'type' => 'image'

itemprop Wraps field value in <span> with the specified schema.org property

date_format PHP date format to return. only used with 'type' => 'date'

before HTML before the field out

after HTML after the field output

sub_field Set to true if using get_acf_field in a repeater or flexible field

list_sep Delimiter string for post_list type

list_links Should the post_list items link to posts? Default: true

list_type Format that relationship field uses to store data. Default: 'objects'

taxonomy Taxonomy containing the term. Requried for term field.


  • Add more types (suggestions welcome)
  • Add sanitization
  • Complete support for itemprop


13 Jun 2013

28 Jun 2013

  • [new] post_list type
  • [new] date type
  • [new] sub_field argument for use in while( has_sub_field() ) ...

11 Jul 2013

  • [new] term and term_link types added for taxonomy fields for a single term

9 Nov 2013

  • [improvement] More consistent, cleaner handling of itemprop arg. (Shifting to use of sprintf.)
  • [new] link_label argument for email and link field types.