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AWWW exams starter kit

Includes (most up-to-date versions if not stated otherwise):

  • jQuery & jQuery UI (datepicker etc.)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Django with admin enabled
  • example of a simple model
  • example of a simple view (accessible at /zadanie/index)
  • a simple base template (base.html), ready to be extended
  • logging to a file (see

Recommended usage:

  1. DIR_NAME is directory where you've cloned this repo.
  2. Create virtual environment: virtualenv --no-site-packages DIR_NAME
  3. Do
  • cd DIR_NAME
  • . bin/activate
  • pip install django
  1. Open PyCharm, go to File -> Open Directory -> DIR_NAME -> Alt-4
    If you don't have PyCharm, get it. There are free trial versions as well as academic licenses. It has a lot of nice features, for example lets you download jQuery documentation, which is the only way to legally use it during the exam.
  2. Go to Settings (or Ctrl+Alt+S), search for Python interpreters and add Local from virtualenv created in step 1
  3. In supply correct absolute/relative path to database file (db.sqlite) and logfile (zadanie.log).
  4. If needed:
  • chmod 700
  • python syncdb

Disclaimer: Using this template is officially allowed by professors. I am not responsible for any technical or other problems caused by using this template.