the google weather library working with processing 2.*
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UTF-8 supported.

The name of your library as you want it formatted

name = GoogleWeather

List of authors. Links can be provided using the syntax author name

authorList = Marcel Schwittlick

A web page for your library, NOT a direct link to where to download it

url =

The category of your library, must be one (or many) of the following:

"3D" "Animation" "Compilations" "Data"

"Fabrication" "Geometry" "GUI" "Hardware"

"I/O" "Language" "Math" "Simulation"

"Sound" "Utilities" "Typography" "Video & Vision"

If a value other than those listed is used, your library will listed as "Other."

category = Data

A short sentence (or fragment) to summarize the library's function. This will be

shown from inside the PDE when the library is being installed. Avoid repeating

the name of your library here. Also, avoid saying anything redundant like

mentioning that its a library. This should start with a capitalized letter, and

end with a period.

sentence = Framework for including weather data into Processing.

Additional information suitable for the Processing website. The value of

'sentence' always will be prepended, so you should start by writing the

second sentence here. If your library only works on certain operating systems,

mention it here.

paragraph =

Links in the 'sentence' and 'paragraph' attributes can be inserted using the

same syntax as for authors. That is, here is a link to Processing

A version number that increments once with each release. This

is used to compare different versions of the same library, and

check if an update is available. You should think of it as a

counter, counting the total number of releases you've had.

version = 1 # This must be parsable as an int

The version as the user will see it. If blank, the version attribute will be used here

prettyVersion = 0.9 # This is treated as a String