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Game similar to Doodle Jump.
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This is the source code for the game 'Symbol Jump' which can be found on Google Play. 'Tria' is just an internal code name I used for this project.

How to download the source and build the game

Please note that I am writing this from memory, so there might be some uncertainties or errors. Regardless, you might find this helpful. Downloading/installation section uses a .bat file so it will only run on Windows. On other operating systems you will need to do the steps in the batch file manually.


  • Install Java Development Kit 7 (JDK) or later version.
  • Install Eclipse. I was using 32-bit Eclipse 4.4.0, but any later (and probably some previous) versions should be fine. I'm also guessing you could use 64-bit versions, but you should probably also have a 64-bit version of Java then. You could probably also use some other IDE, such as Android Studio, but I didn't use it when making this game so I cannot give you any instructions on this.
  • Install Standalone Android SDK Tools.
  • Install ADT Plugin for Eclipse (
  • After installing ADT Plugin, go to Window->Android SDK Manager, find the SDK path if necessary and install Android stuff necessary for development. From 'Tools' folder I select: 'Android SDK Tools', 'Android SDK Platform-tools' and latest version of 'Android SDK Build-tools'. From 'Extras' folder I select: 'Android Support Library' and 'Google USB Driver'. And finally I select the folder with the latest Android version (at the the time I am writing this, the latest version is 'Android 5.1.1 (API 22)').
  • Install USB drivers for your mobile phone if necessary. For example, I was using Samsung Galaxy S3 and was able to download the drivers from here.
  • Install Gradle for Eclipse ( You will need this to download LibGdx library.
  • Install Git (in the unlikely case you don't have it already). You can find a Windows version of git here. You can also find some documentation on git here.


  • Clone this repository to some folder on your disk (git clone
  • Clone libgdxgamelibrary repository to the same folder where you cloned 'tria' project (git clone
  • Create a new Eclipse workspace. I usually put the workspace in the same folder where the repositories were cloned.
  • Import game projects. In Eclipse select File->Import..., then Gradle->Gradle Project, then browse to the folder of 'tria' repository and press Build Model (in case of problems read on).
  • If it whines that it can't find SDK location for Android, create a file called (or edit existing) in 'tria' folder and add the SDK path line like this one (use your SDK location): sdk.dir=C:/Tools/Android/android-sdk. Select all projects for import and click OK.
  • If you different version of Android API than what is used in this project, do the following changes in android project. In AndroidManifest.xml change android:targetSdkVersion to your version, and do the same in file to target=android-## line.

Credits (for the work of other people)

Uses LibGdx engine.

The font used for this game is:

All (original) sounds used in the game are taken from Please note that some of these were edited and changed in some way for usage in the game. Here is a list of sounds and the links to where the originals can be found:


MIT License. Pretty much do what you want with this code and assets. Attribution would be nice but is not a requirement (you can add a link to or this repository). Please note that font and sounds are work of other people (I only edited some sounds to suit my needs) and have their own licenses (see previous section).