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Zeshan Tariq


Contact Information
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An Azure Certified DevOps Engineer with over 8 years of experience in various sectors including Government, Consultancy, Audit and Finance. Skilled in application development, configuration management, and deploying to public clouds with open-source technologies. I've effectively bridged business and technology teams, defining requirements and translating them into specific software solutions.

In addition to my DevOps expertise, I bring a wealth of knowledge in Security Operations Center (SOC) practices and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles. This includes experience in threat monitoring, security incident response, automation of production systems for reliability and performance, and ensuring system security and stability through rigorous testing and deployment methodologies.

Key Strengths

  • Support software deployment using Kubernetes, AKS, Docker, and GitHub Actions, creating procedures to minimize technical incidents.
  • Deliver CI/CD pipelines, IAC using Terraform and collaborating with development, test, and product teams for defect root cause analysis.
  • Implement project changes, possessing extensive skills in analysis, development, and reporting.
  • Confidently communicate with clients, leading software deployment projects to enhance user experiences and improve service in line with operational objectives.

Professional Experience

L2 Security Engineer (SOC) - Government Department

From: July 2023 – Present

  • Monitor and analyze security alerts using SIEM tools to detect and respond to potential security incidents.
  • Lead incident response efforts, including containment, eradication, and recovery, collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Conduct malware analysis and digital forensics investigations to understand and mitigate security breaches.
  • Assist in vulnerability management activities, identifying and remedying security weaknesses promptly.
  • Manage and optimize security tools, stay updated on emerging threats, and continuously improve SOC processes.

Senior Azure DevSecOps and SRE Engineer - UK Hydrographic Office

From: July 2021 – July 2023

  • Led infrastructure automation projects using PowerShell, CloudFormation, ARM, and Terraform, including Kubernetes orchestration.
  • Implemented robust security measures with Microsoft Defender, Sentinel, Splunk, and integrated vulnerability scanning.
  • Managed and secured Kubernetes clusters, ensuring scalability and adherence to security best practices.
  • Utilized monitoring tools like Log Analytics, Grafana, and Elastic Stack for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring.
  • Collaborated on B2C SSO architecture projects, coordinated overseas initiatives, and provided architectural support.

DevSecOps L2 Engineer - UK Home Office

From: April 2021 – July 2021

  • Served as a Level 3 Security, Logging, Reporting, and Troubleshoot Engineer, monitoring the DSAB infrastructure based on Kubernetes Microservice Architecture and hosted on AWS.

DevOps Engineer - South Gloucestershire Council

From: Feb 2021 – April 2021

  • Managed build and release pipelines, including deployment to Azure App Service and Dynamics 365. Involved in administering Azure AD, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, and implementing practices to shift security left.

DevSecOps Consultant - General Dynamics

From: March 2019 – February 2021

  • Worked with Technical Architects and Information Security Officer, designed and implemented robust procedures for deployment to internal and external environments to minimize downtime and proactively address information security risks through principles of shared responsibility across Microsoft Azure.

DevOps Engineer - Bristol City Council

From: September 2018 – March 2019

  • Developed DevOps principle and recommended approach for the development and delivery of the system by using the best practices of DevOps. Introduction of SonarQube into the Azure DevOps CI/CD system, GitHub repository management for open source and closed source systems.

Core Competencies

Category Skills / Tools
Cloud Services Azure, AWS
Azure VMs, Networking, IaaS, PaaS Services
Azure Sentinel
Azure DevOps
Azure CLI
Azure Kubernetes Service
IAM, EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, CloudTrail, CloudWatch
Version Control Git, GitHub, BitBucket
Continuous Integration/Deployment TeamCity, Jenkins, Octopus Deploy
Containerization Docker, Kubernetes
Infrastructure as Code and Deployment Terraform, Ansible, Puppet
Web Servers IIS, Nginx, Apache
Security OWASP, White Source Bolt, Fortinet, Palo Alto
Logging and Monitoring Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Application Insights, Azure Monitor for Containers, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel
Programming Languages C#, PowerShell, Python, Bash
Databases Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora DB
Others VMWare, Hyper-V, Dynatrace
Certifications Microsoft Certified: AZ-400 – Microsoft Azure DevOps Expert
AWS Certified: AWS Cloud Practitioner


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