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* Fix host OS error to check for LTSC also

* Update version: 7.0.220217.0848

Update version to 7.0.220217.0848 supporting LTSC

Co-authored-by: Paramesh Babu <>

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This project contains powershell scripts for package creation and image creation process. Users are expected to have ADK and Windows 10 IoT Core OS packages installed to make use of this. To be able to create images, Users should also get the BSPs corresponding to the hardware. Target audience is OEM’s and Maker Pro’s who want to manage multiple images and updates.

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

Branch Overview

Master Branch

This branch supports the lastest Windows 10 IoT Core release available ( currently 1809, version number 10.0.17763.x ). The iot-adk-addonkit is now in Powershell and supports additional features including multiple workspaces. For more details see

17763-v7 Branch

Starting with Windows 10 IoT Core release 10.0.17763.1577, OEM signing is supported for retail images. The Existing cross-certificate based retail signing will continue to be supported and will end with the expiry of published SHA1 Microsoft Cross-Cert roots ( See Cross-Certificate List for the expiry dates). The existing drivers in the image will continue to work and this expiry will only impact new driver signing process. See Microsoft Security Advisory 2880823 for more details on SHA1.

The core image building processes are not changed and additional requirements are now enforced for supporting oem signed drivers in retail images.

  • New requirements are
    • Secure boot and Device guard features are mandatory to support oem signed drivers
    • Device guard policy signer should be
      • a root certificate or PCAs directly off the root
      • at least RSA3k and use SHA256 as the digest algorithm
    • The root certs should be included in the image

See What's new in 7.0 for the changes in the toolkit. The recommendation is to move to OEM signing process with SHA2 certs as soon as possible.

Older Versions: Not Supported

For older releases, please use the corresponding ADK tools and iot-adk-addonkit releases.


User Guides



See Windows 10 IoT Core BSPs

Source Links


Contains command line scripts for package creation and image creation process and samples for iot products







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