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Personal container

Only works on Google AppEngine at the moment, with an OCaml version in-development. Please see for more information.

TODO list for a 0.1 preview release

Items currently assigned indicated by github ID in bold.

App Engine

  • avsm shift location WOEID resolution to be async to improve reliability if Flickr is unavailable (iterate over WOEID entries that are blank, try to resolve and fill in)
  • avsm threading + extjs paging is broken due to result set being inaccurate
  • avsm has to die, and use the passphrase stuff to store plugins
  • configurable cron for plugins so that cron.yaml doesnt need editing all the time
  • add foursquare plugin
  • add gowalla plugin


  • add skip-ahead to eg.,
  • robustify eg., to things like CONNRESET
  • mor1 finish Google Contacts plugin

### Clients

  • ms705 package up Android client