Automatic performance regression tests for Rust code
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Taster: automatic performance regression tests for Rust

Taster automatically tests commits to a project written in Rust and informs a configurable Slack channel of any failures or performance regressions.

How to use

Add a file called taster.toml to the root of your crate's GitHub repo, and configure benchmarks in it:

version = 2  # current taster config version, for backwards compatibility

command = "cargo"
args = ["bench", "--bench", "bench", "--", "--some-flag", "--another-flag=42"]
regexs = ["(throughput): ([0-9.]+) req/sec", "(latency): ([0-9.]+)ms"]

command = "cargo"
args = ["run", "--bin", "standalone_benchmark", "--", "--some-flag"]
regexs = ["(throughput): ([0-9.]+) req/sec", "(latency): ([0-9.]+)ms"]

Each regular expression must have one or two capture groups:

  1. The name of the metric being measured (a string; optional)
  2. The value of the benchmark result (an integer or floating point number; required). If only one capture group is found, Taster assumes that it contains a number corresponding to the benchmark result.

Finally, configure a GitHub webhook for taster that delivers notifications for push events, and start taster:

cargo run -- \
    --workdir /some/workspace/dir \
    --listen_addr \
    --github_repo "" \
    --secret "my_secret" \
    --github_api_key "123key" \
    --slack_hook_url <SLACK_HOOK_URL> \
    --slack_channel "#chan"

Only --workdir, --github_repo, and --secret are mandatory parameters.