AppleScripts for automating dialing into conference calls and such with Skype
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Skype AppleScripts

These are some AppleScripts that I developed to make it easier to dial into a daily conference call. For this conference call, I dial into an 888 number and then I dial an 8 digit conference code and hit the '#' key to enter a particular conference. Surprisingly, Skype doesn't let you do this in a simple way by adding something like ",,12345678#" to the phone number, so I had to resort to scripting.

SkypeDialer.applescript provides core services that can be used by other AppleScripts, including SkypeDialerGUI. You should open SkypeDialer.applescript with AppleScript Editor and then save it as a stay-open application (File | Save As... and then for the File Format, select "Application" and in Options, make sure that "Stay Open" is checked). I saved mine in /Applications so I have /Applications/Skype

SkypeDialerGUI can be used as a regular script or an application.