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Zester is a library that makes it easier to develop Python clients for websites without APIs.
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Zester is a library that makes it easier to develop Python clients for websites without APIs.

No lxml, no XPath, just javascript.

Let's make a client library for Hacker News by saving the following code in a file named

from zester import MultipleClient, Attribute

class HNClient(MultipleClient):
    url = ""
    title = Attribute(selector="$('.title a')", modifier="$(el).html()")
    link = Attribute(selector="$('.title a')"), modifier="$(el).attr('href')")
    points = Attribute(selector="$('.subtext span')", modifier="$(el).html().replace(' points', '')")

Now, let's use the client we just made. Open a python shell:

>>> from hnclient import HNClient
>>> client = HNClient()
>>> stories = client.process()
>>> stories[0]
HNClientResponse(points=u'200', link=u'', title=u'What Twitter could have been')
>>> print stories[0].title
What Twitter could have been
>>> print stories[0].link
>>> print stories[0].points

We subclassed MultipleClient there because we were planning on returning multiple results. If we wanted to make a client for something like that returned a single result, we could do something like this:

from zester import SingleClient, Attribute

class WeatherClient(SingleClient):
    url = "{lat}&lon={lng}"
    temperature = Attribute(selector="$('.myforecast-current-lrg').html()")
    humidity = Attribute(selector="$('.current-conditions-detail li').contents()[1]")
    heat_index = Attribute(selector="$('.current-conditions-detail li').contents()[11]")

    def __init__(self, lat, lng, *args, **kwargs):
        super(WeatherClient, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.url = self.url.format(lat=lat, lng=lng)

This also demonstrates how you can allow arguments to be taken:

>>> from weather_client import WeatherClient
>>> client = WeatherClient(lat=40.7143528, lng=-74.0059731)
>>> curr_weather = client.process()
>>> curr_weather
WeatherClientResponse(heat_index=u'82\xb0F (28\xb0C)', temperature=u'80\xb0F', humidity=u'58%')
>>> print curr_weather.temperature
>>> print curr_weather.humidity
>>> print curr_weather.heat_index
82°F (28°C)


Zester is dependant upon You must install it before installing Zester. will also require the installation of either PyQt or PySide.

After is installed, to install zester:

$ pip install zester
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