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phpThumb() plugin for CakePHP

This CakePHP plugin uses phpThumb() to dynamically generate thumbnails of images. It is configurable for using with images uploaded with MeioUpload.


From the app root, clone in Plugin directory :

git clone git:// Plugin/PhpThumb

Or download an archive and extract in Plugin/PhpThumb.

The master branch is compatible with CakePHP 2.0. For the 1.3 version, use the 1.3 branch.


Create Config/config.php with the following code :

$config['PhpThumb']['thumbs_path'] = 'thumbs';
$config['PhpThumb']['q'] = 90;

Load Config/config.php :

// Config/bootstrap.php

Then create webroot/thumbs where the thumbs will be stored. You might want to add that folder to your .gitignore.

You can also set configuration variables usually found in phpThumb.config.php:

// Config/config.php
$config['PhpThumb']['config'] = array(
    'allow_src_above_docroot' => true

For a list of available variables, consult Vendor/phpThumb/phpThumb.config.php.

MeioUpload configuration

This is only if you want to use MeioUpload to take care of the upload part.

You only need the basic MeioUpload configuration to upload the original image, since all the thumbnails stuff is done dynamically with this plugin.

In your model :

public $actsAs = array('MeioUpload.MeioUpload' => array('image'));

Add a varchar image field to the model, create webroot/uploads with the write permissions for you webserver, and you're done. For more information on MeioUpload, check the github page.

This plugin works out of the box with the default MeioUpload configuration, in which images are stored in webroot/uploadswith a model/field structure.

If you use a different folder than uploads, then add

$config['PhpThumb']['meioupload_path'] = 'my-folder';

to Config/config.php.


Load the helper in AppController or in each controller where you want to use the helper :

public $helpers = array('PhpThumb.PhpThumb');

Normal image

In the view, generate the thumbnail :

echo $this->PhpThumb->thumbnail('img/image.jpg', array(
    'w' => 100, 'h' => 100, 'zc' => 1

In the $options array you can use any valid phpThumb() option. For detailed information on the available options, check phpThumb()'s readme

You can also pass HTML options :

echo $this->PhpThumb->thumbnail(
    array('w' => 100, 'h' => 100, 'zc' => 1),
    array('alt' => "Alternative text")

MeioUpload'ed image

// for a Post with an image field containing my-post.jpg
echo $this->PhpThumb->thumbnail($post['Post']['image'], array(
    'model' => 'Post', 'field' => 'image', 'w' => 100, 'h' => 100, 'zc' => 1
// will render a thumbnail for this post image in /uploads/post/image/my-post.jpg

This will also work :

echo $this->PhpThumb->thumbnail('uploads/post/image/.$post['Post']['image'], array(
    'w' => 100, 'h' => 100, 'zc' => 1

Image url

To get only the image url, use the url method :

echo $this->PhpThumb->url('img/image.jpg', array(
    'w' => 100, 'h' => 100, 'zc' => 1

It's useful for the various Javascript gallery script, like Lightbox / Thickbox / Colorbox etc. :

echo $this->Html->link(
        'img/image.jpeg', array('w' => 100, 'h' => 100, 'zc' => 1)
    $this->PhpThumb->url('img/image.jpeg', array('w' => 640, 'h' => 640)),
    array('escape' => false)