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A list of projects that were or will be featured in Weekly Robotics newsletter
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Awesome Weekly Robotics

A collection of useful links discovered through the work on Weekly Robotics. If you would like to feature a project in this list feel free to contact authors or create a pull request on GitHub.

Open Source Robots

Rovers and Cars

Robot Arms


  • OpenCat - Quadruped cat project with Open Source code (MIT Licence). The hardware designs seem to be proprietary at the moment.
  • OpenDog - Open Source quadruped robot designed by James Bruton. Licence: GPLv3.
  • Stanford Doggo - Stanford Doggo is a highly agile robot designed to provide an accessible platform for legged robot research. Licence: MIT.

Open Source Sensors

Graphical User Interfaces

Soft Robotics

Machining and 3D Printing



Libraries and Frameworks


  • Cartographer - 2D and 3D SLAM library, supports multiple platforms and sensor configurations. Licence: Apache 2.0.
  • GMapping - GMapping is a highly efficient Rao-Blackwellized particle filer to learn grid maps from laser range data. Licence: BSD-3-Clause.
  • hector_slam - hector_slam contains ROS packages related to performing SLAM in unstructured environments like those encountered in the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) scenarios of the RoboCup Rescue competition. Licence: BSD.
  • TinySLAM - This package provides ROS implentation of the tinySLAM that is one of the most simpliest and lightweight SLAM methods. Licence: MIT.



Courses and Tutorials

Libraries and Packages



Motor Controllers

Books and Courses


Awesome Robotics Lists

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