Nativescript Plugin for Twilio Voice SDK
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NativeScript Twilio

nativescript-twilio is a plugin that exposes the Twilio Voice SDK, the leading platform for Voice solutions.

Note: For now it only for making outbound calls, both for Android and iOS

Prerequisites / Requirements

Plugin installation on your Nativescript app

tns plugin add nativescript-twilio


Demo App


Running the Demo app

  • Clone the repo, cd src, and npm run or npm run demo.ios.

Integrating into your NativeScript app

  • On the main.ts or app.ts file, put this code in order to init Twilio:
  import * as application from 'tns-core-modules/application';
  import { initTwilio } from 'nativescript-twilio';
  import { TwilioAppDelegate } from 'nativescript-twilio/delegate';

  // The following endpoint should return the raw token in the request body
  const accessTokenUrl = 'http://yourserver/path/to/access-token';
  const accessTokenHeaders = {'Authorization': 'Token sometoken'};

  initTwilio(accessTokenUrl, accessTokenHeaders);

  if (application.ios) {
    // register twilio app delegate in order to receive incoming calls
    application.ios.delegate = TwilioAppDelegate;
  • In some place in your code (i.e. in some UI component loaded event) you need to setUp the call listener, which will handle the call's connection events:
  import { setupCallListener, setupPushListener } from 'nativescript-twilio';

  // listener for inbound/outbound calls
  const callListener = {
    onConnectFailure(call, error) {
      dialogs.alert(`connection failure: ${error}`);
    onConnected (call) {
      dialogs.alert('call connected');
    onDisconnected (call) {


  // listener for push notifications (incoming calls)
  const pushListener = {
    onPushRegistered(accessToken, deviceToken) {
      dialogs.alert('push registration succeded');
    onPushRegisterFailure (error) {
      dialogs.alert(`push registration failed: ${error}`);

  • On the component for making outbound calls, put the following code:
  import * as dialogs from 'tns-core-modules/ui/dialogs';
  import { getAccessToken, Twilio } from 'nativescript-twilio';

  const phoneNumber = '+1555365432';

  getAccessToken() // it will use the Twilio configuration set before
    .then((token) => {
      const twilio = new Twilio(token);

      const call = twilio.makeCall(phoneNumber);

      // example of muting the call after 10 seconds
      setTimeout(() => {
        console.log('Muting call after 10 seconds...');
      }, 10000);

      // example of disconnecting the call after 30 seconds
      setTimeout(() => {
        console.log('Disconnecting call after 30 seconds...');
      }, 30000);




Function Description
initTwilio(url: string, headers?: any) Initialize Twilio passing the endpoint to the access token backend
getAccessToken(): Promise<string> Ask the backend for an access token. Returns a Promise with the token retrieved
setupCallListener(listener: any) Setup the call listener, passing an object with onConnectFailure, onConnected and onDisconnected callbacks
setupPushListener(listener: any) Setup the push notifications listener, passing an object with onPushRegistered and onPushRegisterFailure callbacks
unregisterPushNotifications(token: string, deviceToken: string, callback?: (error: any) => void) Unregister push notifications (incoming calls)

Twilio Methods

Method Description
makeCall(senderPhoneNumber: any, phoneNumber: any, callListener: any, options?: any): Call Make an outbound call.
toggleAudioOutput(toSpeaker: boolean) iOS Only Set the audio session output to the speaker or not.

Call Methods

Method Description
mute(value: boolean) Mute the call.
disconnect() Hang-up the call.


Apache License Version 2.0, April 2018